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We are a service agency, providing qualified Professional Support Service Providers (PSSPs) to the DeafBlind community in the Los Angeles and surrounding Counties.  We are dedicated to training our PSSPs and matching them up with DeafBlind individuals.   For more about the role of  Support Service Providers, please visit the Helen Keller National Center website: they have an excellent overview of the importance of SSPs. 

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Are you interested in working as a Support Service Provider?  Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers, interns and independent contractors to help us make our vision a reality. We're excited to have you join the team!

How our agency works

PSSP Training

All of our PSSPs have been assessed by our office to determine that they are qualified to provide these services.  Some of our PSSPs having been working in the DeafBlind community for many years and we appreciate their knowledge and expertise as they train new PSSPs.   Training for new PSSPs can occur in several ways:  training provided by CAS, training provided by College of the Canyons' SSP Certificate of Specialization, or through other organizations.  Regardless of where our PSSPs are trained, we ensure that they are qualified not only by our in-house assessment but through several  assessments from DeafBlind community members who work with our agency to ensure the highest quality Support Services possible.  

DeafBlind Training

All of the DeafBlind individuals who sign up for services with CAS must meet with one of our staff members to review the policies and procedures for receiving PSSP service hours.  

Requesting a PSSP

We are thrilled to be working with many qualified, trained PSSPs.   When a DeafBlind person has a family event to attend, wants to go on an excursion, get some shopping done, or perform household duties like reading mail or sending emails, our PSSPs are available to perform these duties.  DeafBlind individuals will contact CAS to establish an account and request services. Requests can be made via email or phone.  We do our best to accommodate requests for specific PSSPs because we value successful communication and the trust that is built between a DeafBlind person and a PSSP.  

DeafBlind Job Opportunities

For DeafBlind individuals who are interested in working with CAS, we have opportunities to volunteer or to work as an Independent Contractor to provide training to assess new Support Service Providers. 

Communication Solutions

DeafBlind individuals use a variety of communication methods.  Most of our PSSPs are proficient with American Sign Language (ASL) and Tactile Sign Langauge (TASL) and can communicate clearly with DeafBlind people that prefer Tactile communication.  We also provide services to meet other communication preferences.  Some examples include: Print on Palm, use of a Braille Typewriter,  and Sign Supported Speech.

Professional Support Service Providers (PSSPs)

Some duties may include:

Sighted guide services, describing the visual environment, and communication facilitation. 

These tasks occur in a variety of settings: going to an appointment, visiting a museum or park, attending a social gathering, running errands, making phone calls, reading mail and more.


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